Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Shopping Tips

  1. A complete A to Z listing of exhibitors and lines represented in the Show and their corresponding booth numbers may be found online here.
  2. Using the A to Z listing, make a "Walking List" of the booths you must visit. Be sure to orient yourself to the layout by using the floorplan.

  3. Be prepared with knowledge of your store inventory and your current and upcoming needs, including ideas of your customers' wishes, percentage of dollars you want to allocate to each category, and your sales projections.

  4. Expect a new experience! Plan to spend a minimum of two full days at the Show to allow enough time to thoroughly shop and get acquainted with the new locations of many exhibitors’ booths.

  5. Plan to walk the Show twice, starting from a different direction each time.

  6. Bring a side spiral notebook for easy note taking and simultaneous walking.

  7. There are wonderful merchandising ideas within the exhibits. Be sure to ask permission before taking photographs.

  8. Bring sticky labels with your store address and contact information to save time on order writing. Have your tax ID# handy.

  9. Secure tickets for programs and special events before coming to the Show. These are available through attendee registration.

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