Thursday, July 24, 2014

A team of seasoned professionals with years of combined experience and industry investment are here to provide assistance. We look forward to getting to know you.

Buyer Inquiries

For the most immediate assistance regarding buyer registration and general attendee inquiries:
800-272-SHOW; 212-204-1060


Show Management and Sales Team 

Patti Stracher
Vice President, Show Director
(914) 421-3394





Sales Team




Kelly Bristol
Sales Director
(914) 421-3228

Alyson Milbourn
Sales Manager
(914) 421-3220

Jack Haro
Sales Manager
(914) 421-3371


Patricia Rivas
Sales Manager
(914) 421-3383

Aaron Hazard
Sales Representative
(914) 421-3218


Marketing Team




Stephanie Leon-Santiago
Group Marketing Manager
(914) 421-3213

Sasha Campbell
eMarketing Manager
(914) 421-3221

Michelle Daniels
Public Relations Manager
(914) 421-3216





Operations Team    




Mike Ruberry
Vice President of Operations
(914) 421-3268

Mike Edson
Operations Manager
(914) 421-3276

Arque Grimes
Operations Administrator
(914) 421-3275


Customer Relations Team    




Nancy Castellucci
Customer Relations Director
(800) 272-SHOW

Carol Cunningham
Customer Relations 
(800) 272-SHOW  

Randye Murnane
Customer Relations
(800) 272-SHOW


Executive Management


Kevin O'Keefe
Senior Vice President
(914) 421-3227











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