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by Hello!Lucky

Exhibiting at the National Stationery Show (and other trade shows) is possibly the biggest creative and logistical challenge any stationer can face, and that’s saying something since we’re a pretty creative bunch! You’re given the sparest of frameworks: an empty aluminum frame, black floors, and the unrelenting glare of Javitz Center’s florescent lights.

Given that, we’re always amazed when our colleagues pull some amazing feat of cuteness out of this barren maw. To wit, some of our favorite examples from our past 10 years of exhibiting:

We love Pie Bird Press’s cheerful palette of blue foam walls and homespun bunting (NSS 2008).

Created with pink foam core walls and white decals, Motormouth Press’s candy store booth was so sweet (NSS 2008)

Leave it to Ebony at Snow & Graham to create this fresh, modern show-stopper!  (NYGIF 2012)

via Snow & Graham

We want to move into the rustic industrial booth created by Grey Cardigan (NSS 2012) - all the more amazing that they pulled this off as new-comers!

via Oh So Beautiful Paper


We love hand-made touches, especially the chalk board walls and minimalist garlands by Wednesday (2012 NSS).

via Oh So Beautiful Paper


Our own cutest booth consisted of hand-drawn frames on book cloth (NSS 2008) - so easy to set up, too!

via Hello!Lucky

Tips for creating a show-stopping booth:

- Keep it clean and simple.  Using foam core walls and decals is a great way to achieve this, especially for newcomers.
- Choose one or two colors for your booth palette - they can be eye-catching or neutral. Minimize the number of colors and extraneous design elements to let your product shine.
- Add a couple of bold, handmade touches - garlands, bunting, or paper crafts.

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