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Single Booths

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Banquet Atelier & Workshop

This was the second year exhibiting in the National Stationery Show for Sarah Edmonds and Tammy Lawrence. Their company, Banquet Atelier & Workshop, is based in Vancouver and this stylish 10’ X 8’ corner booth was designed to focus the attention on their nature inspired designs.

The white Masonite flooring, halogen clip-on lighting and white hardwalls were all rented from and installed by Manny Stone Decorators, Sarah and Tammy covered the right wall of the booth with their own wrapping paper, holding the paper in place with double sided tape. The vinyl lettering for the company name and the three leaves above the name were purchased from a sign company in Vancouver, and Tammy and Sarah applied them themselves.
The white table and red benches were purchased at IKEA,, and assembled on show site. The white shelving was also from IKEA and was screwed to the walls. Sarah and Tammy bought simple white frames from IKEA to display their prints (which are for sale) and were hung on the walls with screws and wire.
For storage that fit their design aesthetic, the ladies bought fabric storage boxes from The Container Store, They also bought an orange, lacquered serving tray to display their boxed sets and two glass vases to store their wrapping paper rolls from West Elm,

Branch + Cotton


This was the first year exhibiting for Lindsey Kath and her California company, Branch + Cotton. For her 10’ X 8’ booth, Lindsey worked with Manny Stone Decorators,, to create her modern, stylish booth space. She rented the grey hardwalls, white Masonite floors and halogen clip-on lights from Manny Stone Decorators, who set them up for her prior to her arrival on Show site. Lindsey finished off the floor with a white throw rug from IKEA,
All of the furniture that Lindsey used in her booth, including the stools, the white table on the right side of the booth and the grey sideboard on the back wall were purchased from IKEA. Lindsey also bought the shelving at IKEA and had it screwed into the walls.
The vinyl lettering, the white lettering on both walls of the booth and the colorful letters spelling out the company name, were made by Compass Signs,, and applied by Lindsey at the Show. Compass Signs also produced the white squares on each of the side walls of the space, the black square on the right wall and the wide white stripes on the back wall. The yellow PVC booth number signs on the upper front corners of the space were ordered from Compass Signs as well and were attached with Velcro squares.
Lindsey hung her “postboxes” on the left side of the booth with nails and string. For a finishing touch, she bought vases and framed art from IKEA to give the booth a more boutique feel.

Busy Lizzies Paper Goods


Partners Darcy Paddock and Priscilla Ruffin of Busy Lizzies Paper Goods were first year exhibitors at the 2012 National Stationery Show. Darcy and Priscilla decorated their 10’ X 6’ booth in a warm, inviting and interesting style in order to draw buyers in to the space.

Darcy chose the soft look of fabric for the walls and table skirts from They bought 60” wide Cotton Duck Canvas which had to be fireproofed. Darcy did this herself using many bottles of Force Field Fire Guard purchased at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics. Grommets were sewn along the top of the fabric wall panels about every 6” and hung from the cross bar with S-hooks purchased online from (Note: S-hooks are also available, at no charge, from the show decorator’s services desk on show site).
To create the tables, Darcy and Priscilla cut plywood tops with rounded corners, and fit them on top of stacking storage units purchased from The Home Depot. Velcro® flap openings on the sides of the table skirts made for easy access to the shelves. The hidden storage shelves under the fitted table skirts proved invaluable during the Show and the “demi-lune” shape for the table tops had a more graceful look than square corners.
The drapery studio Cheryl Bagley Designs, in Rochester, NY, made the wall panels, the fitted table skirts and the brown vertical ribbons. The 12” X 12” prints of Busy Lizzies artwork were prepared by C. Brain Orner Communications Arts, and Printed by Lumiere, on lightweight fireproof Sintra Board. The dark green backdrops were included to create a gallery effect, calling attention to the artwork from a distance. It took lots of heavy duty Velcro to keep the images stuck to the ribbons.
Darcy purchased the Masland green carpeting from Stafford Floor Covering in Rochester, NY. SFC cut, bound and shipped it directly to the Javits Center for them. The stools were bought at Pottery Barn. Re-purposed 72” high towers from home held their reminder pads which were displayed using Lucite display holders from Storage baskets, also brought from home, held the printed handouts.
The three banners with the Busy Lizzies Bee logo, printed at printed by Selby Marketing Associates Inc.,, were strategically placed, one on each wall along with signs showing the booth number, to ensure visibility. The printer also supplied the 30” X 30” fireproofed boards to which Darcy and Priscilla fixed their cards, place cards and gift tags with 3M sticky squares from Staples. Plastic fishing line attached these boards to the S-hooks.
Darcy and Priscilla felt that the investment in lighting was very important. They ordered three “Twin 120Watt Goose neck Flood Lamps” directly from the Jacob Javits Convention Center,  

Tilia Press

Tilia Press is the creation of Anne Hammes, who exhibited in a 10’ X 8’ booth at her fourth National Stationery Show this year. Anne had the wood panels along the bottom portion of her walls custom made by a family friend. Each panel has a wood frame on the back for support with the interlocking wood panels nailed to the top. The wood for the frames and the panels was purchased at The Home Depot and treated with liquid flame retardant from Flame Stop,
The upper portion of each panel is 5/8” thick cardboard from Uline,, cut to size to align with the lower wood panels. Anne treated the cardboard with liquid flame retardant for paper and cardboard from Rose Brand, The shelves are lightweight, faux wood molding from The Home Depot which was applied with small brackets that were screwed into the cardboard. The wooden signs, including the company name, booth number, bees and small cat sign, were all laser cut from plywood by a vendor on called “Lasercut.” They were attached to the booth walls with command strips from 3M. The cards that are fixed flat against the wall were held in place with double sided tape.
Anne purchased the table and the stool, as well as the red and wood storage boxes on the lower shelves of the table, from IKEA. The bamboo trays on top of the table were cutlery trays from Target and the wooden display unit on the left end of the table was purchased from Clear Solutions, The red lantern was also bought at IKEA and helped tie the rest of the booth into the nautical theme of some of the cards.
The faux tree trunks in the open corner of the booth were cardboard tubes from The Home Depot. Anne placed real wood slices, bought online at, on the top of each tube and wrapped them in fabric with a faux bark print called “Sunset Lake Tree Bark Taupe” from online fabric retailer,Erica's Craft & Sewing Center,
For flooring, Anne bought interlocking padded carpet squares from The goose neck lighting was rented from the Jacob Javits Convention Center,

May Books

Mica May, designer, owner and creator of May Books, was a second year exhibitor at the National Stationery Show in this colorful 10’ X 8’ booth space. Mica rented her foam board walls and white Masonite flooring from Manny Stone, and they were up and ready to go when she arrived on Show site. She also rented the high bar table and “ghost” bar stools from Taylor Creative Inc., Mica purchased the shelving on the booth walls from IKEA,, and screwed them into the walls.
The fun and colorful strings of diamond flags spanning the top of the booth space were made by Mica out of remnants from May Books samples and string. They were tied to the metal cross bars that form the top of the booth frame. The glass container was purchased from West Elm,, and Mica filled it with M&M’s from the M&M store in Times Square.
Mica had a custom chevron glossy sheet made by a sign printer in Dallas and stuck it to the front of the high bar table with double-sided tape. The vinyl decals for the lettering and signage on the walls were also designed and made by the same Dallas sign printer. Mica brought them to the NSS in her luggage and applied them to the walls on Show site.

Great Example of WHAT NOT TO DO!

This is an example of an exhibitor, in the 2009 National Stationery Show, using just the white pipe & drape provided by the Show. Extras ordered by the exhibitor are the draped table and the gray carpet. The company showed their artwork on two big banners on either side of the table, and then had the card samples lined up on the table.

This kind of booth display, frankly, will not attract buyers to the booth. The banners do not show the quality of the cards, and there are not enough actual cards displayed that would entice a busy buyer to stop and handle them. Also, everything is at the edge of the booth. One of the goals of an exhibitor should be to attract a buyer into your booth, and off the aisle carpet. Just like you’d walk into that buyer’s store, you’d want him or her to come into your space. This booth is set up in a way that allows buyers to pass right on by. The company name is not visible, nor is the booth number.

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