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Single Booths

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Steel Petal Press




Steel Petal Press is the creation of Shayna Norwood who exhibited in a 10’x8’ corner booth at her third National Stationery Show in 2015. Shayna created her bright and inviting booth space starting with foam board walls from Manny Stone Decorators. Vinyl decals – in a color to match the 2015 NSS logo – were used for the company name, booth number and labeling. The decals were from EGI Installation. The light fixtures are basic clip-on work lamps from K-Mart.

To hold the cards, Shayna choose molding from The Home Depot cut to her measurements and painted pink. The molding was mounted on the walls with hot glue and double sided tape. From IKEA she purchased the white, vertical shelving, or “LACK Wall Shelf”; the birch horizontal shelving, or “KALLAX Shelving unit”; and the table and chairs. She also bought the frames, which display her own artwork, from IKEA.

To store additional cards and catalogues (along with some booth snacks!) Shayna went with blue and multi-colored canvas drawers from Target which fit perfectly in the KALLAX unit. The gray/black boxes on the top of the KALLAX were from The Container Store and held her card decks for ease of ordering. For flooring, she went with Soft Wood Interlocking Tiles from Amazon and she topped-off the booth with some decorative plants picked up at the Chelsea Garden Center a few blocks north of the Javits Center on 11th Ave. and 44th Street.





beve!, a second-year exhibitor in the NSS, is the creation of Lauren Meslar. For her booth in the 2015 Show, Lauren wanted to create a light, bright and colorful space for buyers. She bought flame resistant canvas fabric from Rose Brand then hemmed and grommeted them herself. The colorful lines on the back wall were hand-painted. First she used her own washi tape to make the lines straight, then she printed out large letters from her computer, traced them on the canvas and painted around them. To keep the canvas in place, Lauren Velcroed the sheets in the back corners and zip-tied them to the poles along the front. She hung the canvas from the provided pipe with the free “s-hooks” available on-site from GES the official NSS decorator.

All of the boards around the booth are poster board covered with butcher paper and affixed to Velcro squares sewn to the walls. Lauren used these boards as product boards and to show off the various ways in which her products can be used. To create the booth number signs, she used her own wrapping paper around poster board. Lauren cut the number out of the wrapping paper so the white of the poster board would show through and then used Velcro to attach it to the wall.

The round table on the left of booth and the table along the back wall, which was actually a vanity, were from IKEA. The gray and white storage stool in the back corner, the white storage unit on the right and the canvas storage boxes in the unit are all from Target. The chairs are LexMod Smoked Clear Casper Dining Chairs from Amazon. The white bin on the vanity table, the clear display units and the white magazine box are also from Target. Lauren used the clear displays to show off extra mailers and catalogues.

Rounding out the space, Lauren re-purposed navy blue foam square flooring that she’d purchased on Amazon for her 2014 booth purchase foam squares from Amazon, and actually painted them white for this booth. It worked well! She got the 150 watt halogen spot lights on Ebay from YESCOM USA. Lauren also picked up some cool Poppin (dark blue) and Scotch brand tape dispenser (light blue) and a white Poppin pen holder from Staples.


Paper Bandit Press



This was the second year exhibiting in the NSS for Kimberly and Brett Borup and their Utah based company, Paper Bandit Press. This booth is a 10’x10’ on a corner. Brett built the walls of their booth out of sanded plywood from The Home Depot in 4’x4’ and 2’x4’ panels which were numbered for easy assembly on-site and were held together with bolts. The large triangle was painted on the panels by Kim and Brett before arriving to the Show. They created the 1’ returns on each side for both stability and space for signage. A company in Orem, Big Fat Design and Sign produced the letters for the company name and booth number on the returns and the vinyl sign on the right wall came from a San Antonio company called Signs of SA.

All of the furniture in the booth including the table, chairs and cabinet; as well as the black and white rug and the black picture frames were purchased at IKEA. The shelving holding their cards are molding from The Home Depot which were painted and pre-drilled at home so they could be easily bolted to the walls during set-up. Each card was identified with a metal label bracket sourced on Ebay.

Kim and Brett created the garlands of bandit masks, “Paper Bandit Press” and the colorful, paper tassels with their own die cut machine. For additional padding and comfort underfoot, they added white floor tiles from SoftTiles. Finally, a parcan light rented from the Javits Center lit the space.


Lucky Horse Press


Lucky Horse Press, the creation of Michele Lee, was a first-year exhibitor in this highly portable and lightweight 10’x6’ booth. Michele’s walls started with aluminum pipes from Samson Metals then she attached drop cloths from Lowes that she grommeted herself and fixed to the pipes with bungee cords. She also painted the top quarter of the three walls in white. Shelving was created by drilling holes in 2’x4’s and threading them onto knotted ropes and was all purchased from Lowes. The flooring was a sheet of plywood, also purchased at Lowes.

To create her company sign, Michele purchased black and white felt from JoAnn Fabrics used a large rectangle of white and a large rectangle of black for the background and hand-cut the letters out of white felt. Gluing everything together, Michele grommeted the sign and hung it from the pipe frame. The frames for her prints were bought at IKEA and she used Velcro squares to help secure them to the wall. From Ebay, Michele got the work lamps for extra lighting and the vintage bar cart used for storage and shelves.

For a few finishing touches Michele brought some things from home: a rag rug and chair for seating; vintage, enamel containers to hold cards; and for pens, she used a vintage 70’s Tiki glass from a Polynesian restaurant where her father worked years ago. She also placed a small plant from home in a jam jar from JoAnn Fabrics and a wire basket from Home Goods was great for storage.


Good Juju Ink


Juliana Tyson and Ryan Kissick are the duo behind the elephant-loving company Good Juju Ink; exhibiting for the first time in a 10’x8’ booth space. They worked with Manny Stone Decorators for many of the elements of their booth design including the walls. Both the lavender color and images of the tree, street lamps and mailbox were printed directly on the foam board walls by Manny Stone. Manny Stone also laser cut the “Good Juju University”, “Good Juju Ink” and elephant head logo out of thick, color printed foam board which was affixed to the walls with Velcro. Juliana and Ryan also ordered all of the floating shelves from Manny Stone, and the shelves were installed prior to their arrival.

To frame their own artwork, Juliana and Ryan purchased frames from Aaron Brothers. From Aaron Brothers they also bought the small chalkboard sign in the back left corner and the alarm clock sitting on the shelf on the right side. The three gold tables in the space came from The Displayers and the desk, desk chair and stool were from IKEA. To prominently display their booth number, Juliana and Ryan got numbers and the key from Michael’s then painted them gold to match the tables. The white Masonite flooring came from Manny Stone.

As a treat for the buyers who stopped by their space, Juliana and Ryan had cookies with their elephant head logo made for them at Baking for Good. They put the cookies out for everyone in a small enamel bowl they brought from home.

Great Example of WHAT NOT TO DO!


This is an example of an exhibitor, in the 2009 National Stationery Show, using just the white pipe & drape provided by the Show. Extras ordered by the exhibitor are the draped table and the gray carpet. The company showed their artwork on two big banners on either side of the table, and then had the card samples lined up on the table.

This kind of booth display, frankly, will not attract buyers to the booth. The banners do not show the quality of the cards, and there are not enough actual cards displayed that would entice a busy buyer to stop and handle them. Also, everything is at the edge of the booth. One of the goals of an exhibitor should be to attract a buyer into your booth, and off the aisle carpet. Just like you’d walk into that buyer’s store, you’d want him or her to come into your space. This booth is set up in a way that allows buyers to pass right on by. The company name is not visible, nor is the booth number.

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