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NSS 2014 Educational Programs

Check back November 1st for the 2015 schedule.

Seminars cost: $20 per session in advance and $30 onsite.

Sunday, May 18, 11:00am - 12:15pm:

New Harmonies: Changing Themes in Color/Design Trends

For most consumers today, color and style coordination is a consistent goal, but the old rigid color rules have been replaced by more creative guidelines and options. Lifestyle patterns and tastes are consistently evolving and so are the resulting forecasts that are spawning new harmonies in both color and design in all color-related industries. Join Leatrice Eiseman, internationally known color expert, in an engaging, highly visual program that demonstrates the strongest trends in color and styling families – where they are coming from, why they are happening and where they are headed in future.

Leatrice Eiseman

Speaker: Leatrice Eiseman, Director, Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training, and Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute

Sunday, May 18, 2:00pm - 3:15pm:

Social Media: It's Just Like Retail

Social media is a lot like retail. The most important elements involve merchandising, interacting with fans and followers and having an eye for exciting things that people will enjoy. This seminar puts concepts in social media into retail terminology so it’s easy to apply to one’s own retail or wholesale business. Using real seminar attendee examples, I give a personalized look at how you can help your business grow through social media. Covering the most time and cost effective platforms, this seminar explores the best ways to tackle social media, gain more fans and increase your sales. 

Lindsay Anvik

Speaker: Lindsay Anvik, CEO, See Endless, Inc.

Monday, May 19, 11:00am - 12:15pm:

Marketing to Women

In this informative presentation based on her book, "Hustle: Marketing to Women in the Post-Recession World," Bonnie Ulman examines the new and long-term spending culture of the post-recession era – from the rush to get the biggest discount to the decline of brand loyalty. Armed with the latest market research and scores of stories from the many women she has interviewed, Ulman provides the building blocks for solid marketing strategies.

Bonnie Ulman

Speaker: Bonnie Ulman, Chief Planning & Insights Officer, M Booth

Monday, May 19, 2:00pm - 3:15pm:

Top Reps Reveal What's Trending Now

This panel of four top manufacturer’s reps will share what's trending in their regions of the country, talk about their up-and-coming lines, share what they've seen at the signature mix™ marketplace that excites them, and describe their strategies for identifying product and design trends that keep their lines – and yours – fresh.

Sarah Schwartz

Moderator: Sarah Schwartz, Editor, Stationery Trends

Carina Murray

Dan Collier

Lynn Mitchell

Yvonne Boatner

Panelists: Carina Murray, Crow and Canary; Dan Collier, daniels*richards; Lynn Mitchell, Lynn Mitchell Group; and Yvonne Boatner, Paper Trends

Tuesday, May 20, 8:30am - 9:45am:


Etsy Trends: Treasure-hunting for the Pros

With over 20 million items on the biggest handmade marketplace online, Etsy is chock full of all sorts of goods in all shapes and styles. How does one tease out trends from this massive font of raw creativity? Emily Bidwell, co-lead of Etsy's Merchandising Team, draws upon her years of experience digging through the marketplace to find and surface gems in Etsy's emails, PR placements, and jurying for the new Etsy Wholesale program. Join Emily in a discussion of what's hot in the world of independent creativity and learn some tricks for your own search — whether you're a retailer or designer.

Emily Bidwell

Speaker: Emily Bidwell, co-lead, Etsy's Merchandising Team


Tuesday, May 20, 11:00am - 12:15pm:

The Future of Correspondence

Emails, text messages, tweets and Snapchats have radically reshaped the way people stay in contact with each other and with businesses. But physical mail is here to stay, and we're seeing an uptick in stationery sales in the digital age. Based on JWT's recent report, "The Future of Correspondence," this session examines the rise of slow communication, the fusion of digital and physical, what's driving these trends, and spotlights several innovative direct-mail campaigns.

Will Palley

Speaker: Will Palley, Trends Strategist, JWT

Tuesday, May 20, 2:00pm - 3:15pm:

Creating Memorable In-Store Experiences

This panel of four outstanding retailers – all winners and/or finalists of Gifts and Decorative Accessories' Retail Excellence Awards – will share the backstories of some of their most successful in-store events and offer advice on how to create retail experiences that customers will remember.

Caroline Kennedy

Moderator: Caroline Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief, Gifts & Decorative Accessories


Jennifer Hill

Tara Riceberg

Liz White



Panelists: Jennifer Hill, Blackstone's of Beacon Hill; Tara Riceberg, Tweak; and Liz White, Mason & Madison


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Seminars cost: $20 per session in advance and $30 onsite.


Lunch & Learn with Holly



Holly Bretschneider is the president and founder of Boutique Profits, where she works with small business owners all over the world to create the marketing, systems and mindsets that allow them to soar to new heights of success in their business while experiencing more freedom to enjoy their lives. As part of Boutique Profits, Holly created the highly acclaimed Business Freedom Blueprint program {formerly the Wedding Marketing Blueprint} and the Wake Up to Your Wealth program, teaching success-oriented business owners her systems for generating more sales, profits and freedom.


Grab your lunch and join us for the Lunch & Learn with Holly workshop series, 3 Changes in Altitude to Take Your Business to New Heights of Success. 

This workshop series will be valuable for small business owners ~ retailers, designers, exhibitors, bloggers and consultants ~ who are ready to move out of striving and into thriving in their business. 

Led by Holly Bretschneider, President & Founder of Boutique Profits, the series includes these three informative and inspiring workshops:

  • Rise Above Fingers-Crossed Promotions and Soar with Magnetic Marketing ~ Learn how you can attract more of your ideal customers, increase your sales, pay yourself more, and have more fun in your business with Magnetic Marketing.
  • Rise Above the Blocks to Your Wealth and Soar with an Abundance Mindset ~ Step into more abundance than you may have thought possible by learning how to uncover ~ and remove ~ the invisible road blocks to your wealth that have been keeping you stuck. 
  • Rise Above Chaotic Firefighting and Soar with Systems of Success ~ Learn how you can reduce problems and errors, increase your confidence, and allow your sales to skyrocket {without requiring more of you} with Systems of Success. 


The series will take place Sunday, Monday & Tuesday from 12 to 1:30 pm, and will include 30 minutes for you to network and eat your lunch before the presentation, plus time for Q&A at the end. 


Pricing (does not include your show badge)

$25 per workshop {in advance}; $35 on-site

Triple Pack Pricing ~ $60 for all 3 sessions {in advance}; $85 on-site

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