Join us for these special events this summer at the NSS.


Held Saturday, August 10, the Opening Party features free drinks, light appetizers and live music. All exhibitors and attendees of the NSS and the NY NOW Handmade collection are invited to attend.

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Hosted by the NSS and NY NOW Lifestyle collection, the block party will be help on Sunday, August 11 from 4-6pm featuring stations around the floor to eat, drink, buy and network.

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Join us for the NY NOW Handmade Fashion Show with coffee, mimosas and brunch.

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Take a look back at Calligraphy @ the NSS.

Workshops were held Sunday February 3- Tuesday Feb 5, 2019. 

Sunday, February 3

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Nancy Moy, Nancy Moy Calligraphy, Watercolor Lettering

In this session, Nancy Moy Calligraphy, a NYC-based calligrapher and painter taught the basics of watercolor lettering.

She taught the 8 basic strokes and how to write a few words using products from some of my favorite brands (Sakura, Holbein, and Legion) and  how to add a special touch to gifts.

Monday, February 4


A day with Bernard Maisner - Master Calligrapher and Exquisite Lettering for Social Stationery 

Bernard Maisner, renowned celebrity calligrapher and fine stationer, made a guest appearance at the NSS. Bernard demonstrated and shared his amazing calligraphic skills with attendees of the show.  He will magically wrote out participants' names in his famous super-flourished “full-page” calligraphy script, using an old-fashioned dip pen and ink, as a complimentary gift.

Tuesday, February 5

Danielle Rothman- website.jpg

Danielle Rothman, Rothbyrns Creative, Modern Calligraphy 

Modern calligraphy is a free-form calligraphy style that is all about personalizing your writing. Danielle Rothman taught the art of modern calligraphy. Participants learned about brush and faux calligraphy, practiced the 8 basic strokes that make up all letters, and created a fun project to take home.

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