#Exhibitor List

...with love7748NY NOW Level 1      
1canoe27406NY NOW Level 1
23rd Day7348NY NOW Level 1
9th Letter Press7319NY NOW Level 1
Abigail Jayne Design Inc
E15River Pavilion
Albertine Press429 River Pavilion
Animalopes229 River Pavilion
ApuntesE3River Pavilionxx
E22River Pavilionxx
Ash + Chess209River Pavilion
acorn & will ltd
7774NY NOW Level 1
Ampelco Ribbon Company
124NY NOW Level 1

Ancesserie Letterpress Goods & Gifts
NY NOW Level 1
Appointed7647NY NOW Level 1
Banquet Atelier & Workshop7438NY NOW Level 1
Bestmate Trends LLC326River Pavilion
Brittany PaigeE17River Pavilion
Bewaltz Yiwu luosu imp & exp co .,ltd
7677NY NOW Level 1
Biely & Shoaf7421NY NOW Level 1
Black Ink7656NY NOW Level 1
Blackbird Letterpress7146NY NOW Level 1
Blackwing7812NY NOW Level 1

Buddha Board Inc7482NY NOW Level 1
Calypso Cards, Inc.7505NY NOW Level 1
Cavallini Papers & Co., Inc.
7632NY NOW Level 1
Cherry Blossom Creative7351NY NOW Level 1
Chez Gagne Letterpress
7235NY NOW Level 1
Chronicle Books
7232NY NOW Level 1
Cabbage Cards234 River Pavilion
Cornwall Marketing Group307 River Pavilion
COURTGIRLE16River Pavilion
CustomHappy616River Pavilion

Clap Clap7355NY NOW Level 1
127NY NOW Level 1
Cognitive Surplus
7222NY NOW Level 1
Compendium, Inc.
7221NY NOW Level 1
Counting Stars7333NY NOW Level 1
Crow and Canary
7614NY NOW Level 1
Darling LemonE6River Pavilion
537River Pavilion
dci / decor craft inc.
7601NY NOW Level 1
7526NY NOW Level 1
Design Loop
7837NY NOW Level 1
DesignWorks Ink
7820NY NOW Level 1
Discoveries Egyptian Imports/Museum Reproductions
7665NY NOW Level 1

Eccolo Ltd.7662NY NOW Level 1
Exaclair, Inc.7781NY NOW Level 1
Fable and Sage333River Pavilion
Fashion Angels413NY NOW Level 1
FCTRY7838NY NOW Level 1
Fesco Group
141NY NOW Level 1
7621NY NOW Level 1
Fiorentina LLC
7625NY NOW Level 1
For Me By Dee
7352NY NOW Level 1
Found Image Press
7514NY NOW Level 1
Fred & Friends
7624NY NOW Level 1
From There To Here
7685NY NOW Level 1
FunnyFish Inc.
7851NY NOW Level 1
Futurewagon Pvt. Ltd.
7754NY NOW Level 1

Gingiber Design
223River Pavilion
Girl With Knife, LLC
216River Pavilion
Global Solutions
315River Pavilion
Golden Free Industrial Co., Ltd.
535River Pavilion
Good PostageE12River Pavilion
Greetings from Bergen Place
E18River Pavilion
Greta Jane Paper Co.
208River Pavilion
Grey Street Paper
226River Pavilion
Guttersnipe Press
320River Pavilion
Gala Deluxe Corporation117NY NOW Level 1
Gartner Studios, Inc.
7562NY NOW Level 1
Georgie Paws
7345NY NOW Level 1
German Pavilion / c/o Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
7761NY NOW Level 1
Gibbs Smith
7543NY NOW Level 1
Gift Republic
7618NY NOW Level 1
Good Feel Korea Co. Ltd

7613NY NOW Level 1
Graphique de France
7226NY NOW Level 1
Gratitude Glass Jars
7736NY NOW Level 1
Greeting Life America
7756NY NOW Level 1
Gumball Poodle
7860NY NOW Level 1
Hadron Epoch Design Studio LLC
518River Pavilion
Harmony Mill Paperie
335River Pavilion
321River Pavilion
Hu is Hungry
E14River Pavilion
Huckleberry Letterpress + Lucky Horse Press
337River Pavilion
7548NY NOW Level 1
Hold the Balloon109NY NOW Level 1
Hyatt's Graphic Supply Co. Inc.7575NY NOW Level 1
InstaCake Cards
614River Pavilion
Iron Curtain Press
217River Pavilion
Isa Salazar
319River Pavilion
Itoya ProFolio
225River Pavilion
if USA, LLC.
7155NY NOW Level 1
Insight Editions
7541NY NOW Level 1
7136NY NOW Level 1

Jeannie's Enterprises, Inc.
414NY NOW Level 1
7243NY NOW Level 1
June & December7544NY NOW Level 1
423River Pavilion
Karen Foster Design
531River Pavilion
King Jim Co., Ltd. (Japan)
542River Pavilion
Kitty Meow Boutique
E8River Pavilion
121NY NOW Level 1
Karen Alweil StudioQUAD3NY NOW Level 1
Katie Leamon7521NY NOW Level 1
Kaweco/Elite Accessories Ltd.
7369NY NOW Level 1
7166NY NOW Level 1

Letterati Co
E1River Pavilion
Little Feet's Opus, LLC
E20 River Pavilion
Little Goat Paper Co.
228River Pavilion
Loteria Press
E10River Pavilion
Love Creations by Shaunda LLC
E11River Pavilion
Lane & Merriman
7680NY NOW Level 1
Letts of London7621NY NOW Level 1
Lifeguard Press
7304NY NOW Level 1
Lighthouse Publications Inc. (LEUCHTTURM1917 / SEMIKOLON)
7577NY NOW Level 1
7666NY NOW Level 1
7761NY NOW Level 1
Lovewild Design
7343NY NOW Level 1
Lucy Lu Designs
7667NY NOW Level 1

Maria Papeleria
221River Pavilion
mavisBLUE designs, LLC.
222River Pavilion
Middle Dune429River Pavilion
Morning Glory Corp.
436River Pavilion
My Darlin'
211River Pavilion
Made By Humans 2 Designs
7253NY NOW Level 1
7582NY NOW Level 1
Maison de Papier7749NY NOW Level 1
Meri Meri
7354NY NOW Level 1
Metropolitan Museum  of Art7565NY NOW Level 1
Mingei Japan
7576NY NOW Level 1
7610NY NOW Level 1

Ningbo Chang Yi Printing Co ., Ltd.540River Pavilion
Ningbo HuArt Stationery Co.,Ltd.
640River Pavilion
Ningbo Syloon Imp & Exp Co., Ltd
547River Pavilion
Ningbo Xiangfeng Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
536River Pavilion
Noteworthy Paper & Press
204River Pavilion
529River Pavilion
Natalizia Sas
7852NY NOW Level 1
7351NY NOW Level 1
Nelson Line
7511NY NOW Level 1
Notes & Queries, Inc.
7508NY NOW Level 1

E13River Pavilion
On The Edge Gilding Services
624River Pavilion
One Oliver
E21River Pavilion
Otto & Berk
220River Pavilion
Ohh Deer
7212NY NOW Level 1
On The Road Reps
7265NY NOW Level 1
On The Road Reps
7266NY NOW Level 1
On The Road Reps
7285NY NOW Level 1
On The Road Reps
7365NY NOW Level 1
7240NY NOW Level 1
7420NY NOW Level 1

Paige & Willow
E9River Pavilion
pango productions ltd
242River Pavilion
Paper Liberated
347River Pavilion
Petra Boase Ltd.
311River Pavilion
Pike Street Press
427River Pavilion
7422NY NOW Level 1
7149NY NOW Level 1
Paula & Waffle
7637NY NOW Level 1
Paula Skene Designs
7436NY NOW Level 1
Pepin Press BV
7635NY NOW Level 1
Peter Pauper Press
7523NY NOW Level 1

7532NY NOW Level 1
Pop Cutie
7135NY NOW Level 1
Portico Designs Ltd.7607NY NOW Level 1
Potter Gift
7554NY NOW Level 1
Quilling Card LLC
7650NY NOW Level 1
Quotable Cards, Inc.
7328NY NOW Level 1
Retro 1951, Inc.
426River Pavilion
Retrospect Group
7631NY NOW Level 1
Rifle Paper Co.
7204NY NOW Level 1
Rock Scissor Paper
7515NY NOW Level 1
Roger La Borde
7318NY NOW Level 1
Romanoff Products
104NY NOW Level 1
Rossi 1931 SRL7753NY NOW Level 1

Sadie & June
618River Pavilion
313River Pavilion
Sean Holloran ArtE19Emerging Designers
Shannon Kirsten Illustration
207River Pavilion
512River Pavilion
Shenzhen Wingart Art Supplies Co. Ltd.
534River Pavilion
Shuyang Sundy Art and Craft Co., Ltd.
539River Pavilion
Slightly Stationery
213River Pavilion
Smudge Ink
525River Pavilion
328River Pavilion
Spaghetti & Meatballs
E5River Pavilion
Stephanie Tara
240River Pavilion

s.e. hagarman
7411NY NOW Level 1
Sand Straw
7862NY NOW Level 1
Sapling Press
7311NY NOW Level 1
Shannon Martin Design
7320NY NOW Level 1
Snifty Scented Products
7142NY NOW Level 1
steel petal press
7215NY NOW Level 1
Streamline, Inc.
7162NY NOW Level 1
Studio Daedre 7470NY NOW Level 1
Studio Oh!
7321NY NOW Level 1
Sukie Ltd.
7752NY NOW Level 1

Taizhou Qixin Import & Export Co.,Ltd.
541River Pavilion
E2River Pavilion
The Crowned Rabbit
E7River Pavilion
The Good Twin
316River Pavilion
The Little Birdie428River Pavilion
The Little Red House
210River Pavilion
The Lobster Studio
634River Pavilion
The Original Beerthday Candle
232River Pavilion
The Paper Curator
628River Pavilion
The Social Type
200River Pavilion
Thoughtful Human
E4River Pavilion

The Hanglo Hanger123NY NOW Level 1
Time Concept, Inc.
7404NY NOW Level 1
Tokens & Icons
7567NY NOW Level 1
Umlaut Brooklyn
7755NY NOW Level 1
Unemployed Philosophers Guild
7257NY NOW Level  1
Up with Paper
7645NY NOW Level 1
UWP Luxe
7643NY NOW Level 1
WAFF World Gifts Inc.
632River Pavilion
Wildflower & Co
205River Pavilion
Wild and Wolf Inc.
7602NY NOW Level 1
Wild Ink Press
7417NY NOW Level 1
Workman Publishing
7545NY NOW Level 1
Write to Me Stationery
7249NY NOW Level 1

Xante Corporation
532River Pavilion
xou222River Pavilion
Yafa Pen Company
519River Pavilion
Yellow Owl Workshop
7350NY NOW Level 1

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