Best New Product Fact Sheet

Is there a fee to participate?
You may enter into 2 categories free of charge. To enter additional categories after the first 2 will be $15 each.

Upon submission of the Show's web application, you will receive an automatic acknowledgment of its receipt. If accepted as a finalist, you will receive an acceptance letter with instructions, approximately 2 weeks prior to the Show. All items are pre-screened by Show Management's staff and if there are any questions about your product, we will contact you at least 2 weeks before the Show. Please note that all communications regarding the Competition are sent via email.

What types of items are featured within the New Products Display?
There are generally two types of items on display: A) office and home (3-dimensional) items like diaries, scrapbooks, albums, desk accessories, gift ensembles, frames, paperclip boxes and B) flat (2-dimensional) items like greeting cards, invitations, imprintables, stationery, giftwrap, stickers. Traditionally, the strength of this exhibit is its ability to present a large variety of items ranging in different design styles, scale, dimensions and weight.

How are items shown within the display?
3-dimensional items are placed on pedestals and table tops. Merchandise is not shown behind glass protective cases. Buyers can touch the products, items in this category will not be displayed on walls.

If you have merchandise that requires vertical display, such as a picture frame, we encourage you to supply an easel to hold the item upright on a horizontal surface. For onsite - please only submit either a 3-dimensional item or a display board featuring flat items.

Exhibitors entering card products are required to mount on a display board which is 11" wide x 17" tall. The product can be compositionally arranged in any format that best suits the look of the merchandise and the company image. We encourage you to place your company logo, booth number and a descriptive phrase supporting the merchandise on display.

Tell me more about the display boards for 2-dimensional and flat items.
The display board can be made of any material that you wish. Most consist of foam board; however past successful examples have been made of cardboard, wood or plastic. Be as creative and individualistic as you can when developing your display boards.

How are my items identified within the exhibit?
Exhibitors are required to included their company name and booth # on products submitted for BNP. Show Management will no longer provide/assign each item a uniform gallery card with company name and booth number. Exhibitors submitting 11" wide x 17" tall display boards for card products are encouraged to include their company logo, booth number and a descriptive phase that supports the merchandise, as well.

Is there a size or quantity restriction of the items within the New Products Display?
Your one display board featuring flat items (greeting cards and stationery) must remain at 11" wide x 17" tall, but generally speaking, there is not a size restriction of 3-dimensional items (journals, desk blotters, pens, paperweights, etc.)

What happens to my photo that I am submitting with my display application?
Show Management uses application photos for two reasons:

  1. to screen all items submitted by exhibitors and
  2. to gauge the general inventory of goods for display accommodation purposes. If your item is exceptionally large or needs special display attention beyond showing on a wall or shelf, please alert us to your display requirements when submitting your application. Photos submitted with preliminary applications are not used as part of the judging process and will not be reproduced with exhibitor permission.

What if I cannot drop off my product during the requested hours?
If you cannot drop off your pre-approved item(s) to the display site in person before Noon on the day prior to the Show's opening, you may drop off your items early at the NSS show office 2-3 days in advance of the Show's opening. Show Management cannot guarantee the placement of items dropped off after the published deadline.

What happens to my product after the show closes?
You are welcome to pick up your product from the display site at the close of the Show. All appropriate items not retrieved by 3:00pm on the last day of the Show will be donated to a local charity.

When does the judging take place and how am I notified if my product wins?
Judging by trade magazine editors takes place prior to Noon on Opening Day of the Show. Judges will walk the display and score products on a scale of 1-5. Products receiving the highest score are presented with "Best New Product Awards". Winning products re marked within the display with a blue ribbon. Winners are notified on the afternoon of Opening Day in their booths by a member of the Show Management team. Winners are also mentioned on the Show website and in a press release distributed to key trade editors. All items remain on exhibit for the show duration.

Who serves as the panel of judges?
The judging panel consists of a combination of trade editors and VIP Retailers. Show Management staff members and freelancers who are hired to install the New Products Display are not judges.

I have a valuable item, how is the display guarded?
Merchandise is not shown behind enclosed glass cases. Products are displayed so buyers can handle them. Though the Best New Product Display is staffed by an attendant during Show hours and by security guards at night, there is a risk of theft and/or pilferage. As such, Show Management does not encourage the submission of valuable articles. If you have an item of value, we recommend that you submit it on a display board, or glue it to a larger display stand.

I have an item that was debuted at another event, can I still be eligible for the display and competition judging?
We prefer that your submissions are new to the Show - and to the industry. However, we realize that some exhibitors participate in other markets during the year, and as such you are allowed to feature an item/set that has launched at a prior event within the same calendar year. We support any promotion which gives importance to your product debut or re-launch at the NSS. The fact that your item may have been introduced at another event will not weigh in the judging process.

What if I don't have digital images of my product to enter using the online application form, but would still like to enter in the Best New Products Display?
In order to participate in the BNP Competition, you must submit a digital image of your product with your entry.

May I drop off literature with my product to be distributed within the display for the duration of the Show? 
Products, not literature are accepted in the display. You can display your press kit in the press office at no cost.

May I show my product in the retail packaging?
Since the display is targeted to the wholesale community, we encourage that you show your product without its retail packaging. Part of the success of the entire exhibit is the ability to show all aspects of the products to buyers within a short period of time and without packaging potentially covering a special feature of the merchandise.

Any questions regarding the New Product Display at the NSS, contact: Jenna Kaba, at

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