February 3 - 6, 2019
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Stationery Stories – What is Yours?

Audrey and Joshua Woollen, Urbanic Paper Boutique

To celebrate more than 70 years of the National Stationery Show, we are honoring the people who are the heart and soul of the industry, who drive the business forward and who persevere with Stationery Stories. We invite you to share your story.

Your story will be proudly featured here on the NSS website and social media. Please note that the NSS team reviews all submissions and posts  in the order they are received. To improve the  likelihood of your story being shared, please consider the questions below. This is your platform to share your story and inspire others, to share your footprint, experience and passion for this amazing industry – not as it relates to your presence at the NSS and your products, but as it relates to YOU.

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Have a story? We’d love to hear it! Please share the following types of thoughts with us: What inspired you to join this industry? What do you value most today being a part of it? Who were or are your primary influencers? What is your advice to those looking to become a part of the industry? What has been your key to success in this industry? Tell us about an amazing experience you’ve had as part of the industry.

Please be advised that all Stationery Stories are reviewed upon receipt and published at the discretion of the Show management. If selected, you will be notified upon publication of your Story to the NSS web site and social media channels.

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