"I learned very quickly that paper people are the best people; sharp, fiercely talented, aware of their platform as a means of encouraging social change, and protective of the creative forces within their community of independent artists."

April 24th, 2017
Brianne MacEachran, founder of Parcel Paper Company

Some teenagers dream of blowing their first paycheck at the mall, on earrings, shoes, or the food court. I spent mine on notecards - boxes of them. For all occasions. Oh, and greeting cards. Armloads of greeting cards. I spent years (and multiple career iterations) trying to determine how to take this decades-old dream and turn it in to something tangible. Finally, at the end of 2015, after bringing home my second son, and desperately needing to connect with adults again, I decided to take the jump - and figure out how to land later. Knowing that I was ill-equipped to manage a full scale brick & mortar location on my own, I opened an Instagram account, purchased a website domain, and rented space in a business co-op. I will never forget the elation that ran through my veins when I was granted access to my first wholesale catalog. I felt so legitimate!

PARCEL celebrated it's first anniversary in March, and I can honestly say the excitement has not dimmed. The lessons that I've had to learn (Pay attention to your market! Shoppers in store want something different from online guests! Comparison is the thief of joy!) have been invaluable and give me great confidence as I bring the shop into its second year.

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