“It’s maddening and stressful at times, but overall I feel extremely lucky to do what I LOVE for a living.” - Ashley Aranda

November 27th, 2018

Papyrusaurus a nerdy, awkward, and colourful paper company is the result of heartbreak, love, and above all else self-love.

The company began when Ashley was in the midst of a "rough patch" during a past relationship, a time when she needed a creative outlet to escape and a way to reclaim her sense of self. Her therapeutic paper crafting not only led her back to the artistic roots she had abandoned and a now-happy-marriage, but became so prolific that out of necessity she opened up shop. 

Ashley is now dedicated to her company full-time. "It's maddening and stressful at times,” she admits, “but overall I feel extremely lucky to do what I love for a living.”  Eddie Aranda, her husband and an art director in his own right, is her moral support and contributes some of the typefaces used in her card designs and logo.


Author: Stefanie Hijazi