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Stationery Stories - What is Yours?

“My passion for the paper design and stationery is ridiculous. I am very thankful to do what I love everyday. You could call it an obsession, yes an obsession with paper, and all that go with it. Ever since the days of Lisa Frank’s bright colored stationery I knew that I was not your average girl at Target. While most bolted straight to the toy section, I went to the school supplies area admiring the different colors and patterns of the notebooks, pencils and cards…then I would get home and have them put away perfectly in my white desk drawer. Needless to say, things haven’t changed much.”

Gina Peterson, NSS exhibitor and founder of Ginger P. Designs

During the wedding planning process six years ago, I realized I logged lots of hours searching for the perfect invitation, but most of what I found was too traditional to fit my modern style. I was a marketing graphic designer at the time and decided to design my own. Little did I know, but that would be the first of many invitations I designed. I absolutely fell in love with designing all the wedding stationery, and was surprised by the feedback and overwhelming response I received. And that was when I decided to begin Ginger P. Designs on Etsy as a fun way to make a little extra money. I had no idea where it would go, and was surprised with its success.

The shop grew and grew into a full-time business, which eventually moved from my home to a storefront location in Janesville, Minnesota. As the business has grown, my family and friends have stepped up helping fulfill orders, attending wedding shows, and performing late-night duties by my side. Now I employ a full-time graphic designer to help with the increasing demand for work at Ginger P. Designs.

With the help of a well-established print company called Carlson Craft, I am now able to provide lots of products and services to my customers like custom foil, letterpress, thermography, custom die-cut shapes and numerous paper options. My relationship with Carlson Craft has been a blessing and has brought so much more to my business offerings.

Aside from being able to let my creativity run loose, my favorite aspect of the job is making customers’ paper dreams come true. Everyone is always excited when they come in to the shop, and I love sharing those moments with them.

I visited the National Stationery Show for the first time in 2016. Meeting vendors allowed me to see new possibilities for how Ginger P. Designs could continue to grow.

The 2017 National Stationery Show is just around the corner, and I will now have my own booth. I am excited to network and showcase modern stationery and let people know we can do much more than just wedding invitations. In fact, we design notepads, thank you cards, gift wrap, calendars, and more. Ginger P. Designs has been such a fun ride, and I am excited to continue it at the National Stationery Show in 2017.


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