February 3 - 6, 2019
Javits Center, NYC
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Stationery Stories - What is Yours?

“I love being able to come to work and love what I do. Seeing the designs go from scribbles in my book, through the sampling and refining process then seeing the final product doesn’t seem to get any less exciting. I love seeing my ideas come to life!”

Katie Leamon, NSS Exhibitor and founder of Katie Leamon, a luxury card and stationery brand based in England

I have loved stationery and paper products from a young age so it was actually a natural progression to take my drawings and designs in the direction of the stationery industry. I was also very passionate about protecting and supporting the art of hand writing a card or letter in a time when emails and technology are becoming more and more prevalent.I am really lucky to have made some great contacts in the industry and have access to lots of support and advice. I think it’s a great time to be part of the card & stationery world because there is a sense of revival and appreciation of the art of paper and writing.

My family and friends were the people who convinced me to start, I don’t think I would have had enough confidence without their support. They continue to be my main influences now. I don’t look to anyone one artist/designer for influence but love to keep up to date with trends across multiple industries. I took my initial design ideas from my final projects at University – I studied textiles so things had a very tactile, tangible feel to them. I continue to look to fashion and homeware trends for inspiration as well as architecture pattern.

I’ve been very lucky to have lots of amazing moments since starting the Katie Leamon brand. The ones that come to mind are securing Liberty as our first stockist through a successful open call experience. Our first trade show in the States was incredible, we got funding for it and it was such an amazing experience being in New York, with so many other great, inspiring brands. Finally, the opening of our production studio that we built from scratch was a pretty good day!

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