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Stationery Stories - What is Yours?

“Within five days of deciding to have a store, we signed our lease. Within a month of that time, we opened a store. We really had no planning. We just decided to go for it and we did it and it worked.”

Sarah Larsen Christensen and Chelsea Quinn, NSS attendees and co-owners of Market House in Westwood, NJ, which just celebrated its one-year anniversary in September, 2015

Sarah and Chelsea’s Story :

Sarah: We were working at a yoga studio together, so it really didn’t have anything to do with an opening a store.

Chelsea: And then we went to Mexico

Sarah: Right. And in 95 degree heat, we were sitting in the afternoon, joking about, kind of fantasizing about “Hey, wouldn’t that be great if we could open a store and we can get all local handmade vendors?”, and just fantasizing about this idea.

At the same time, we were both working at the yoga studio and I make handmade body products. Chelsea was helping me at farmers markets so between us, we did eight farmers markets a week. We met lots of people at farmer’s markets and craft fairs, and we were just amazed by how much talent there was locally.

Chelsea: The space just came to us, which is why we had to jump on the opportunity. We wanted to make a home to display all of their products. We found the space, there was no thinking twice. We really just wanted the opportunity to do this.


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