February 3 - 6, 2019
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Stationery Stories - What is Yours?

“Our industry is a beautiful and small little fishbowl, and people genuinely love each other, from the vendors to the buyers and manufacturers. We do have this funny little microcosm and maybe it’s a small industry, but it’s important.”

Melinda Morris, NSS attendee and owner of A Lion in the Sun stores located in Brooklyn and Long Island, NY

Melinda’s Story:

It’s a family business, my mother started the business 34 years ago, so I’ve been doing it since I was 9. After a different career, I went and opened up my own location of Lion in the Sun and now I own both locations.

I think across the board, why I love this particular industry so much is it’s all about milestones. All of it. You send a birthday card, you send an anniversary card, a condolence card. That is what we’re doing and we’re marking milestones with our clients. Every single day, all day long. We’re always doing that. I love that. I love helping people through these very exciting-and also very stressful times-and helping guide them through those things that become memories and are so important.

We say to probably every client that walks in, “You’ve never done this before. Why would you know how to do a wedding invitation?” They’ll stress about it and it’s so lovely to be able to guide people through that. It’s totally understandable: it’s a stressful situation, and gets more and more stressful as time goes on. To be there for them and say “We’ve got this. We’ve done this. It’s OK.” They leave feeling better. They can worry about other things with their wedding and make their florist crazy instead.

The other thing that I love best about this industry is that it’s made up of small mom and pops almost exclusively. In this industry, by nature of the industry, I love that we’re all little guys. You can be a moderate fish in a small pond and make a difference. There’s that connectivity. Everyone knows each other’s name and it make our industry a nice place to be.


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