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Stationery Stories - What is Yours?

“The internet has changed our business. I have survived, which makes me proud and instills a ‘drive’ to make each year better.”

Lin Logan, NSS attendee and owner of The Stationery Company in Denver, CO, which just celebrated its 33rd anniversary as of February, 2016

My store traces its beginning to a one-man print shop established in Denver by Ed Logan, my father-in-law. My husband and I purchased the company and moved it to its current location in Cherry Creek in 1983. I enjoyed working with Ed and developed the invitation side of the business, as well as expanding into gifts and home accessories although the invitation side of the business was always my main focus. Many of my original clients for wedding invitations have returned with their daughters to purchase their wedding invitations, as well as birth announcements and anniversary invitations. It is always fun to reminisce with these customers.

We offer a service that has become rare. Challenges of internet shopping and electronic invitations have affected our industry, but we, here at The Stationery Company have cultivated a healthy respect for the old-fashioned paper method even with the younger generations. We encourage the use of hand-written notes and formal invitations for important occasions. I am proud of our unique environment and the collective experience all our staff bring to the table.

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